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Posted on Jan 28th, 2010

We respond to calls frequently in which a resident hires a person to perform a service or job and the unfortunate result is often lost money due to broken promises. A lot of these cases end up as civil matters, and no criminal charges can be filed due to verbal agreements and accepting terms that are not in the best interest of the consumer. We recently received a complaint from a resident regarding a painting company that has been distributing flyers in the northeast area of Richardson. This company has not fulfilled its promise and the resident is out several hundred dollars at this time.
 If you decide to do business with a company that comes to you instead of you seeking out the business, be extra careful.
 -Always get more than one quote for a job/service you are having done. Especially at your home.
-Obtain references and CHECK  them.
-Never pay with cash.
-Get everything in writing.
-Verify that there is a physical address for the company, a P.O.Box is not enough.
-Check the internet or a phone book for the company. Do a little research first.
-Be wary of businesses that put flyers out and go door to door looking for work. If you didn't wake up that day looking for that service, don't be tempted by a deal that seems to good to pass up. Never make a quick decision.
Officer Mike Wieczorek, C.C.P.S.
Richardson Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit - East Sector