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Avoid Census Scams
Posted on Feb 22nd, 2010

Be careful of any census scams. Remember that you will receive a census form in the mail. Fill it out completely and return it by mail in the envelope provided. If you complete the form accurately and completely, you will have no other contact from the census bureau. Very little information is asked for. There are only 10 questions to answer.
• You will NOT be asked for your social security number.
• You will NOT be asked about income or any other financial question.
• You will NOT be asked about immigration status.
• You will not be called by telephone unless the form is not completed correctly when it is returned.
• You will NOT be contacted by EMAIL. Do not respond to any email that is asking census questions or any personal information.
If you fail to return the form promptly a census worker will come to your address to ask why it has not been sent in or to offer assistance. If this happens be sure that the person is properly identified. If you have already mailed the form tell the worker that it has already been returned. That is all that is necessary.